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The TNT International Express Post has been operating in Iran since early 1980s with a history of nearly half centuries which have active agencies in different cities of Iran. The TNT International Express Post is one of the largest leading postal service providers in Iran that covers a wide range of services and transportations. The services of our company are under global standard and adhere to principles such as commitment and high performance. This has achieved with the scientific support of research and quality control team over four decades of activity. This company provides services based on technology by optimizing the activities of many departments and using modern hardware and software technologies. The TNT has been able to satisfy our applicants by providing reliable and high-speed services from having a well-equipped fleet, committed and skilled employees and experienced specialists in transportation.


TNT IRAN Services synchronized with world-class standards

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Each campaign creates a new vision to international post services and each program develops a new resolution for our customers

Participation rate: 4000 people

Campaign launch: June 1 -2018

End of Campaign: July1،2018

Daily visits: 2500 people

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Participation rate: 10,000 people

Campaign start: November 15،2017

End of Campaign: December 30،2017

Daily Visits: About 500 people

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Participation rate: About 900 people

Campaign Started: March 15

End of Campaign: May 15

Daily visits: 50 people

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Supporting the City of Children in Milad Tower/Tehran, to familiarize children with our country’s different occupations.

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Dear customers, please fill out the information in this form to find out the cost of your package/ document to desired destination. The TNT Iran’s international mail services use the fastest method at the most suitable price.  You can also find out the price of shipping samples and samples of goods and documents from Europe, Asia and Australia, etc. This system automatically selects the best shipping method that will give you a special discount.

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