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Karbazia Campaign


City in Kids’ Hands …

The Karbazia , city of careers for children,  was set up on the  -1 floor/Milad Tower on the celebration of Nowruz 1397. At the beginning of this project, the TNT post launched a 3 month campaign by the name of “Little Postman”. In this gathering, kids were able to experience working in different jobs and find their interest  as a policeman , doctor , pilot , fireman ,postman and so on . Among these jobs when children chose to be a postman then they were referred to as the TNT postman . The TNT’s goal of this campaign was to play a small role in preparing the children as future builders of our country, Iran. This three-month campaign earned wide approval by the people therefore TNT aim to launch  similar campaigns for the interest of our dear countrymen .

Our very own “TNT Little Postman” at Karbazia city !

Our very own “TNT Little Postman” at Karbazia city !