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Receiver Pay (Door to Airport)

airport to door

The post-rental service, a convenient service for customers


The TNT International Post of Iran is a leader in the industry of air express transport of goods and documents in terms of services. Using the extensive international transportation network, we assure that your domestic and foreign shipments will be delivered on time with the best conditions. The TNT international express is checked from door to airport.

The process of performing post-rental service (DOOR TO AIRPORT):

How can you benefit from the door to airport service of the TNT International Post and how can you track the status of the sent package in order to perform this service?

The express door-to-door services of the TNT international post is currently done by phone call and in later stages through the TNT post application as well as the website.

The post-fare service is a pleasant payment process for the customers since the design of this service requires an integrated and systematic financial system. The TNT Fast Post has managed to provide this service to its customers in the most professional way possible. Tracking of the shipment can also be found on the bill.

Important points of the post-rental service process (DOOR TO AIRPORT):

In simple words, fare means the payments of freight by the recipient. The procedure is easy; the customer can pay the freight by giving the cargo information to the TNT Company at the time of ordering the shipment. By introducing this service, you can receive the cargo at the sender’s place and deliver at the destination airport. This service can be used especially in transporting heavy international goods.

It should be noted that the TNT experts are directly responsible for customers, from the beginning of the shipment process until reaches at the final destination.

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