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Receiver Pay Door to Airport

Receiver Pay Door to Airport

(Recived Pay (Door to Airport

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Receivers Pay: A Service for the Convenience of our customers

TNT post of Iran excels in the field of express shipping industry due to the variety of services it offers. With our extensive international shipping network, we assure you that your shipments will be delivered anywhere on time and in the best condition. The following is a brief description of the Door-to-Airport premium service.

Procedure :

How to benefit from this service and how to track your shipment?

The service is currently accessible by phone calls then on the next level either through the TNT postal application or the website. Receivers pay service is a program that actually provides a financial benefit for our customers. Since the designing of this service requires an integrated and highly organized finance system, the TNT post has been able to successfully and professionally offer this kind of service to our dear clients.

Important Points:

The receiver pays service simply means that the freight charges are paid by the receivers. The procedure is very easy: In this case the customer is the receiver himself ,who ,after giving the necessary information about their shipment ,can pay the freight charges at time of their order registration to TNT office . In recommending this service, we also offer to pick up the shipment from the shipper’s address and deliver it to the airport of destination to be picked up by the consignee.

It should be mentioned that TNT experts are responsive to you our dear customers from the start of the shipping process to delivery in destination. For each customer there is an expert who can answer any questions in any area whether it’s the import or export of heavy weight air cargoes or documents.