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Dangerous Goods Packaging

Dangerous Goods Packaging

Packaging of Dangerous goods


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The term dangerous goods refer to goods that due to certain atmospheric and temperature conditions may endanger the safety of passengers. Shipping of these items is in compliance with the guidelines of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Carrying these items inside hand carry bags or as cabin luggage is strictly prohibited and can only be carried on the checked-in cargo section of an airplane.

Public information with regards to types of services, packaging and shipping of all types of hazardous materials are described in one document named MSDS . There are specific MSDS for each and every type of goods that our experts refer to and after doing the necessary inspection would proceed to the specific packaging and shipping of the goods .

Important points :

Hazardous goods and materials should be packed in accordance with special requirements and regulations of air transport and it must be done with high quality and reliable structure to prevent any leakage and penetration caused by change of temperature, humidity , pressure and vibration .

The packaging of the parcels varies according to their nature , protecting them from chemical interactions caused by direct exposure to other substances .

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