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Some of Iran’s terms and conditions of shipping and customs

The most important postal prohibition in Iran are as follows :

  1. Antiques , Valuable hand written books , authentic artwork, and a variety of valuable coins and stones
  2. Gold, silver, white gold, jewelry and other valuable items
  3. Any banknotes and coins
  4. Any human or animal samples such as blood, skin, etc.
  5. Shipping live animals is forbidden .
  6. Dried ink or any dried or liquid soluble or dye that contains ink .
  7. Items that are banned to be traded by the sacred beginnings of Islam.
  8. Immoral or chastity items
  9. Items that are prohibited from trading in the country of destination
  10. Gambling items , Alcohol, Drugs and Psychotropics
  11. Explosives, flame retardants and radioactive substances or any type of mineral acids , nitric acid, salt inc ,ammonia, etc.
  12. All kinds of pickles in vinegar, lemon juice, sour grape juice
  13. All types of dry batteries
  14. All Types of acid batteries for cars and motorcycles
  15. Frozen and dried foods (fish, poultry, meat and etc. )
  16. All types of insecticides
  17. Toxic, non-toxic and anesthetic chemical capsules, whether used in laboratories or combat, and oxygen capsules
  18. Dry ice
  19. Matches, Lighters and the similar items
  20. Cold or firearms weapons
  21. Variety of canned and compote products
  22. Military equipment such as tear gas, anesthetic gases, stun gun , baton ,etc .
  23. Filtering software and satellite equipment
  24. All kinds of weight loss and weight gain and aphrodisiac drugs

The list of items required for licensing under the postal rules is as follows:

  1. Sending seed samples is permitted only with the permission of the Ministry of Health.
  2. All music instruments and equipment can only be forwarded with license  and permission of the Ministry of Islamic Guidance.
  3. Only pharmaceutical companies are allowed to accept essential commodities such as medicines.
  4. Tea and coffee samples are only accepted from companies
  5. All liquids and powders (with the exception of the prohibited ones ) are only accepted from companies and can be forwarded along with items’ MSDS.
  6. Dried vegetables are only accepted with MSDS .
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