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Cargo Shipping

Cargo Shipping

Cargo Shipping


Shipping Heavy Air Cargo with Four Decades of Experience

Heavy weight Air Cargo is a special service. TNT Post with over 40 years of experience has been one of the largest providers of this service which is an integration of experiences, science and technology in both export and import shipment.


How can you benefit from this service and how to track the status of your package?

The service is currently accessible by phone calls then on the next stage either through the TNT postal application or the website.

In this type of service, after contacting one of the TNT offices, you will be provided with forms where you will enter your items’ information and then our TNT experts will select the best cheapest and most safe method convenient for shipping your parcel, next is announcing the cost and with confirmation of customer, the shipping process will begin. You can check the status of your package through the website and SMS.

The following is a brief guideline that can provide our customer information about the courier service they pick. This service is one of TNT special courier services which actually aimed to maintain the welfare of our countrymen in using transport services and offer them international shipping standards with the highest quality.

Important points:

You should note that the shipping process of this service requires international arrangements and quick programming. TNT post could process the shipment as fast as possible utilizing the expertise and creativity of our young experienced staff.

It should be mentioned that TNT experts are responsive to the customers from the very beginning of shipping process up to delivery in destination. For each client, there is an expert in the area who readily answers all the questions in any categories whether in the field of exporting or importing heavy weight air cargoes. It should be noted that this service is also offered door to door.

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