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Cargo Shipping


Air transportation of heavy goods (cargo) with fourteen years of experience


Heavy goods (cargo) air transport service is one of the most useful and commercial services of the TNT International Post. This service can be used to import heavy commercial cargo. For example, this service is suitable for importing goods from China with the fastest method. In some cases, the international express mail is able to carry heavy commercial cargo in the fastest and cheapest way.


The process of air transportation of heavy goods:

How can you benefit from this service and how can you be informed about the status of the sent package?

This service is currently done by phone call and in later stages through TNT International Express Post application as well as the website.

To use this type of service, after contacting one of the TNT offices, you will enter your shipment information in the form and the TNT post chooses the best, cheapest, fastest and safest shipping method for you.  After the price is announced and confirmed by the customer, the process of shipment will begin. You can be informed about the status of your package through the website and via SMS.

What we will discuss in the following is comprehensive information about this special service, which provides the basis for a correct analysis for the customer to choose.  It is for the well-being of dear traders in order to use the services of fast transportation of heavy goods.  Such as transportation of heavy factory equipment and transportation of heavy sports equipment, etc.

Important points of air transport of heavy goods:

You should be aware that the transportation process in this service requires international coordination and quick planning. The TNT Post, due to benefiting from the history of experienced forces as well as the creativity of young forces will carry out this process as quickly as possible in the safest way.

It should be noted that TNT experts are directly responsible for our customers from the beginning of the process of transporting your shipment until it reach to the final destination. For each customer, a specialist who is responsible in any field will answer all of your questions. This exists both in the air transportation of heavy export goods and in the air transportation of imported goods. This type of service is also offered door to door.

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