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Next Day Delivery

Next Day Delivery

Next Day Delivery


An Express service for Urgent parcels

In this type of service the shipment will be delivered the next day after we received your package .


How can you benefit from this service and how to track the status of your package ?

The service is currently accessible by phone calls then on the next stage either through the TNT postal application or the website.

The procedure of this service requires that our dear customers, upon handing over their package to our service personnel , make a request that they want their package to be delivered the following day. After the delivery experts investigate and confirmed the availability of this service at the destination, they will start the shipping procedures. You can check the status of your shipment in our website or via SMS.

The following is a brief guideline that can provide our customer information about the courier service they pick.

Important points:

This express service requires a fast coordination and sophisticated intra-organizational setup, which TNT is privileged to carry out in the best possible way. This service is suited for bidding documents where delivery is a matter of urgency and you dear customers can use this service to send your important and essential documents where time is critical.

This service is available for domestic shipping and in rare occasions, with previous arrangement, is also available to serve for some foreign countries.

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