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Next Day Delivery

Next Day Delivery


An Express service for Urgent parcels

The parcel will be delivered to the recipient the next day after receiving it from the sender. This is the definition of next day service at the TNT international express post.


The process of performing this service


How can you benefit from this service in order to perform and how can you be informed about the status of a sent package?

This service is currently done through a phone call, the TNT post application and our website.

The process of performing this service, after the delivery of the package, customers inform the relevant expert that they want their package to arrive at the destination on the next day. Per your request, TNT personnel will take care of your destination and shipping process will begin. You can also check the status of your package through our website or via SMS.

What we will discuss in the following is comprehensive information about Iran’s TNT international express post next day service, which can provide the basis of correct analysis for the customer to choose.

Important points about next day service:

The next day service requires fast coordination and advanced organization which TNT International Post provides.  This is due to its orderly and advanced organizing structure and works the best way to perform this service. This service is useful for immediate sending of tender documents in which time is very important.  Also, it can be used for sending identification documents and heavy goods.

This service can be used mostly for domestic transportation and in some cases; it is done for some countries in case of prior coordination. .

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