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Business Small Parcel

Business Small Parcel

Business Small Parcel


A service for creating global businesses

To utilize this service, you need to know that this service is designed to send small business samples.

The following is a comprehensive guideline about this particular service that can provide the customer with the sufficient overview of the service they pick

Important points:

There is a great deal of detail in carrying corporate packages, and it should be noted that TNT post for having nearly half-century experience and by employing young creative forces has been able to solve these problems through decades. It also provided the most convenient way for dear customers to be able to easily send their sample anywhere in the world with just one call.

Due to the differences of customs regulations in different countries worldwide, the shipping of commercial samples requires a special expertise of these rules. Our experienced TNT officers, after having successfully participated in international courses became experts in sending commercial samples in the safest and fastest way possible.