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Business Small Parcel


A service aimed at creating global businesses


You should know this type of service is prepared for sending small commercial samples. Companies and collections can use this service to send samples and samples of goods to Europe, Asia, and Canada. This service can also be sent door to door and back rent should be provided.

What we deal with in the following is actually comprehensive information about this particular service, which can be provide the basis for a correct analysis of this service for the customer to choose. In the following information, the shipment of samples and samples of goods from all over the world to Iran will be given.  Also, this service is provided in all TNT post offices.

Important points about carrying small corporate packages:

There are many details it should be paid attention to in carrying corporate packages. The TNT Post, with history of nearly half a century and young creative forces, has been able to solve these problems over several decades of activity. This service provides the most convenient way to our dear customers, which they can easily send their product samples to anywhere in the world with just one phone call. For example, you can use this service to send product samples from China and from other countries to Iran.

Due to the difference in customs law in different country, the transportation of samples of commercial goods requires a special expertise. The personnel of TNT International Express Post due to their experience and obtaining the best titles of international transportation and logistics complete these rules. This service is also suitable for sending documents to all parts of the world for business and corporate transactions.

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