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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Throughout the years of experiences and familiarity with the modern science of transportation and postal affairs, the TNT International post, both at the international and domestic levels has tried to answer the questions that are frequently asked by our customers on the wiki platform. This includes the post office that our customers and compatriots can search for answers to their questions in the field of postal, transportation, and customs affairs in this structure.

About frequently Asked questions

The WikiPostia is a collection of all the information that is briefly and descriptively relevant to any discussion related to the transport issue. Which of the wiki sections?

If customers not able to find the post, they can contact our offices and get the necessary information through our experienced experts.

Customers can pay fees in two ways:

  • Cash
  • Contract, deposit (VIP customers)

Delivery of the parcel to the recipient in the shortest and fastest possible time to the whole world and payment of the cost of transporting the parcel by the recipient is called receiver payment. In this service, the sender undertakes if the recipient refuses to pay the postage and returning the parcel to the sender should also be charged for round trip expenses. The receiver payment services are applicable only for conventional and non-dangerous shipments that have appropriate weight and dimensions for desired service for the purpose of necessary coordination with the TNT Company must be done. Due to non-acceptance of airlines and flight security restrictions, dangerous goods, liquids, and cargo with unusual weight and dimensions are not included in express post-fare services. To order the transportation such as cargos the coordination must be done with the company’s special service unit.

You are able to send your mail in two ways:

  • Phone call
  • Order in person at our office

The large and lightweight packages are priced by their volumetric weight. For example, when the space occupied by a package is more than its weight, the volumetric weight of the parcel is calculated through the following formula:

Length * width * height (in centimeters) divided by 5000

The TNT Company is not responsible for your shipment at times that are beyond the reach of the company (airport, customs, etc.) and in outside of these times and places, the company is obliged to maintain your goods.

Due to the difference in times, customs and export-import laws, working days, weather conditions, as well as special situations, etc. There is a possibility of delay in delivery time in different countries. The TNT tries to deliver the cargo faster in the best possible time.

All the goods must be sent to the customs laws of the countries of origin and destination.

The TNT postal services are carried out in the following ways:

  • Cargo
  • Express (fast mail)
  • Receiver Payments

Door to door is a service by which the TNT receives the goods from your door and delivers it to the customer’s home or work place.

The TNT Iran currently sends all postal items via airlines as quickly as possible to all around the world.

Each sent package has a shipment number provided by the company and from the number; customers can keep track of the status of their shipment through our official website or by contacting the customer service.

Yes, the TNT has this service and done by the customer’s request, which includes a separate fee (For more information, please contact the TNT customer service department).

Customers can make sure that their shipments reach their destination in two ways:

  • Contacting the customer service department
  • Entering the shipping number in shipment tracking section in the TNT website

Yes, changes are possible if the shipment has not left the company.

For more information, please contact the customer service department.

Yes, it is possible to change the address.  Extra fees may apply. (Please contact the customer service department)

If the recipient is not present at the stated address, the sender will be contacted immediately and shipment will be delivered after checking and solving the problem. Otherwise, the shipment will be returned and the sender must pay the costs of the return process.

The location of the sent shipment after delivering with details of the delivery will be registered and tracked on the website.

The tracking number of a shipment is a 9-digit number that is indicated on the bill, issued by the company at the time of receiving the shipment from the sender to the customer.

On the same day after receiving the goods, the shipment information can be registered and tracked

In case of any problem with the status of shipment, please contact the customer service department.

The TNT ships all received shipments during the day on the same day. To find out more about your shipment, please contact the customer service.

The TNT services include sending (documents) to United States of America and sending (samples) to Canada.

Weight limits of the TNT international express services:

  • Europe – up to 50 kg
  • Asia – up to 70 kg

The TNT has special shipping methods for sending certain postal shipments (please contact customer service for more information)

Dangerous goods are considered as: lithium batteries, chemicals, chemical powders, aromatic liquids and sprays, toxic substances and flammable goods, etc. These goods are transported under special conditions according to the route and to some countries (for more information, please contact the customer service department.)

It is mandatory to provide the original and a copy of national card at the time of picking up the shipment

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