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Delivery at work

The service designed based on customer interaction


As it is clear from the name, this service is for delivering the parcel at the recipient’s workplace.

What we will discuss in the following comprehensive information about this particular service that can provide the basis for a correct analysis of this service for the customer to choose. You are able to track your package through this website or to receive a SMS.

Important points of delivery at work:

Among the features of this service, we can mention delivery at the workplace and to a specific person. In fact, according to the information you give to our experts, you can request cargo delivery to companies anywhere in the world or anywhere in Iran and to be sure your package will be delivered to a person. For instance, you can send documents to Dubai in the fastest way or by sending visa documents to Canada; you should use this service to deliver your package to the desired offices in the destination country.

Please note that in order to use this service, when you contact one of the TNT offices, you must inform your relevant expert, and the special service will be used to transport your shipment. The necessary measures will be taken regarding this type of special transport service. This service can be provided to regular TNT customers both in the domestic and foreign transportation sectors. Please note, this capability is provided in TNT, the name of the recipient has been recorded that you can see your shipment delivered to the person you desired in companies.

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