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An Express service for urgent packages:


The 12 noon express service is designed that customers can request that their packages be delivered before 12 noon on a working day when registering a postal order.

The process of performing this service:

How can you benefit from the services of this 12 noon express service and how can you be informed about the status of the shipment while doing postal operations?

Express service at 12:00 noon can be requested now through a phone call and in later stages through the TNT Post application and website.

After contacting one of the branches of TNT international express mail, the personnel of the company will receive the necessary information about your shipment.  The type of shipment and the conditions will be checked by our experts, and it is possible to ship your shipment in the 12 noon express service.  If this is possible, the process of your shipment will begin. Also, you can be informed about the status of your package (shipment tracking) at any time through tracking on our website or receiving SMS.

Important points:

The 12 noon express service is designed for generally light shipments. For example, in order to participate in tenders, it is sometimes necessary for the package containing your tender documents to reach the destination before 12 noon on a working day, or essential files for which time is a priority can benefit from this service. To send documents all over Europe, Asia and Canada, you can use TNT international express mail service.

Please note that in order to use the Express 12 Noon service, when you call one of the TNT international post offices, you must inform your relevant expert that this special service will be used to transport your parcel, so that the necessary measures will be taken in this case. The 12:00 noon service can be provided in most cities of Iran in the field of domestic transportation, and according to the request of customers, it can also be offered to compatriots for some countries.

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