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Domestic shipping service for Iran’s TNT International Post customers


For the well-being of our foreign customers, we have provided the internal shipping service that our customers can fully benefit. This service also provides door-to-door for our customers.

The process of carrying out the domestic service of TNT international express mail

How can you benefit from this service and how to track the status of your package ?

This service is currently done by phone call and in later stages through TNT International Express Post application as well as the website

This service is generally designed for the customers of the international sector of the TNT. The TNT post has many branches all over Iran and they can operate independently for the domestic shipments. You may also use this service to ship your parcels from anywhere in the world to anywhere in Iran. The Domestic shipping services are a complementary service for the TNT’s international department.

What we will discuss in the following is comprehensive information about this special service, which provides the basis for a correct analysis of this service for the customer to choose.  The platform for the well-being of our compatriots in order to use transportation services in global standards to offer ideal quality to our compatriots. For example, if you send a package from Mashhad to Canada, just contact the TNT Private Post in Mashhad. Your package will be picked up at your door by our personnel and will be delivered to your destination in Canada.

Important points about domestic transportation:

In addition to the normal process of sending domestic packages, this service includes two types of services to our customers which are the same day service and the next day services. Each of these services will be briefly explained below:

The Same-day service is defined for domestic packages where time is particular importance. For more details, please refer to the same-day service in express services section.

The next day service is widely used for offices and companies. This service is also suitable for sending tender documents. To learn more about this service, please refer to the next day service in the express services section.

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