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TNT Domestic Service

For the convenience and benefit of our overseas customers, TNT provides the Domestic courier service.

Procedure :

How can you benefit from this service and how to track the status of your package ?

The service is currently accessible by phone calls then on the next stage either through the TNT postal application or the website.

This service is generally designed for the international clients of TNT. To clarify the details of this service, you should know that TNT can carry out the domestic shipments of its clients independently having branches across Iran, and you can even use this service to ship your goods from anywhere in the world to every corner of Iran. Domestic shipping services are a complementary service to the international TNT sector.

The following is a brief guideline that can provide our customer information about the courier service they pick. This service is one of TNT special courier services which actually aimed to maintain the welfare of our countrymen in using transport services and offer them international shipping standards with the highest quality

Important points:

In addition to the regular process of sending domestic packages, this service offers two other types of services for our dear customers, the same- day service and the following- day service, which will be briefly described below:

Same-day service: The same-day service refers to the internal packages where delivery time is of particular importance. For more information, refer to the same-day Express service.

Next- Day Service: This service is very useful for offices and companies and is very suitable for bidding documents. For more information, refer to the next-day Express service.