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Business Parcel

Business Parcel


Business Parcel

Services with different business approach

Corporate or commercial package delivery service actually means sending packages to companies and business associations.


How to get this service and how to track the shipments through this service?

The service is currently accessible by phone calls then on the next stage either through the TNT postal application or the website.

In order to get acquainted with this service you should know that receiving packages from international companies has special requirements that we at TNT have created the easiest way to transport these packages for our dear customers.

The following is a comprehensive guideline about this particular service that can provide the customer with the sufficient overview of the service they pick.

Important points

This service is in need of special coordination and organization throughout the world, and with many offices around the world, TNT has been providing this service easily to our countrymen for many years

Note that this kind of service may possibly cover more of the international shipments since worldwide transport policies include shipments of corporate packages; wherein due to the knowledge and experiences TNT has earned in many years could easily perform in the best possible way. It should be noted that to use this type service, upon contacting a TNT office, you should notify your relevant expert to use this special service so that they can take appropriate action to process the shipment. This service is available for both domestic and international shipments for our dear customers.

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