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DGR Goods Shipping

DGR Goods Shipping

DGR Goods Shipping


Air Shipping of dangerous goods, a specialized service

The term dangerous goods refer to goods that due to certain atmospheric and temperature conditions may endanger the safety of passengers. Shipping of these items is in compliance with the guidelines of the international Civil Aviation Organization (ICA) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA).
Carrying these items by the passengers is strictly prohibited and can only be transported by licensed companies in accordance with professional principles.


How to benefit from this service and how to track your shipment?

How to benefit from this service and how to track your shipment?

The service is currently accessible by phone calls then on the next stage either through the TNT postal application or the website.

Dangerous goods’ shipping is a very special type of TNT services. In fact, this kind of shipping requires international certificates and full knowledge of global restrictions in air transportation.

TNT proudly announce that with 40 years of experience and up to date services offers this service to our dear customers in line with global leading post offices.

The following is a brief guideline that can provide our customer information about the courier service they pick. This service is one of TNT special courier services which actually aimed to maintain the welfare of our countrymen in using transport services and offer them international shipping standards with the highest quality.

Important Points:

To utilize this service , you just have to inform the nature of your shipment to the relevant TNT expert .After doing the necessary investigation ,the shipping process will be explained to you .With your approval, the required certificates for shipping will be issued and the best packaging for the shipment will be provided ,then the shipping process begins. You can check the status of your shipment in TNT website or via SMS.

TNT prepares the packaging and carry out the air shipping procedure of dangerous goods in workshops. In this workshops the packages are specially prepared according to the nature of your goods. The relevant experts would select the best service to ship your dangerous goods easily and securely.

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