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Standard packaging

Standard packaging

Standard Packing


Safe shipping is our top priority

One of the basic criteria for quality transport is the safety of shipments and one of the main requirements for safe shipping is proper packaging in accordance with the international standards. For this purpose, the TNT Post has launched a special section for packaging parcels.


How can you benefit from this service?

There are a few important things to consider in the packaging section: firstly, each individual parcel has a specific packaging for itself, secondly, it must meet the international standards, thirdly, the safety of the parcel in any type of packaging should be considered and finally, the designated experts have to prepare the  packaging .  TNT Post has been able to deliver the service in the best possible way earned from its 40 years of experience in manufacturing all kinds of packaging.

The following is a brief guideline that can provide our customer information about the courier service they pick. This service is one of TNT special courier services which actually aimed to maintain the welfare of our countrymen in using transport services and offer them international shipping standards with the highest quality.

Important points:

Note that in shipping our dear customers’ parcels, whether commodities or documents, the necessary arrangements for the type of packing will be done in such a way to minimize the cost and maximize the security for each parcel. It is worth mentioning that there are special sections in TNT post offices under the supervision of the experts where our personnel carry out efficiently all kinds of packaging according to world’s standards.