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Receiver Pay (Door To Door)

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A different experience in air transportation of legal documents to anywhere in the world

The post-hire service of TNT international express mail is considered a pleasant service process for the customers.  Since the design of this service requires an integrated and systematic financial system, the TNT Post has succeeded in providing the express service in the most professional way. In the following, you will understand more about one of the types of express service.

The process of door-to-door express service:

How to benefit from this service and how to track your shipment?

How can you benefit from the door-to-door express service of TNT international fast mail and how can you track the desired package in order to perform this service?

The TNT International Post’s door-to-door express service is currently done by phone call and in the next stages through the TNT Post application as well as the website.

To learn about door-to-door post-rental service, it can be explained as follows: payment at the recipient’s location, please refer to the door-to-door service section to learn about this service. It should be noted that this service is used quickly to send documents and goods to Europe, Canada, Asia, etc.

What we will discuss in the following is comprehensive information about the door-to-door service of the TNT Post, which can provide the correct analysis for the customer to choose this particular service. This service is one of the special services of TNT international express mail. It is considered a platform for the well-being of our compatriots in order to use international and domestic fast transportation services. This service is widely used for transporting imported goods.  For example, you can use this type of service to import product samples from China or import product samples from European countries.

Important points:

The door-to-door is an express type and it can be used for transporting heavy and light domestic loads, and also for immediate transportation of international parcels. You should be aware that the transportation process in this service requires international coordination and quick planning. The TNT International Express Post, due to benefiting from the history of experienced forces as well as the creativity of young forces, carries out this process as quickly as possible with the safest method.

There are experts in the TNT, who are directly responsible to our customers from the beginning of the process of transporting your shipment until it reaches the final destination. For each customer, an expert will answer all the questions that you might have. To be responsible, this basis exists both in the air transportation of heavy export goods and in the air transportation of imported goods. This service mostly includes import consignments which in some countries, includes export cargo. The door-to-door services can be used to import goods from China. This service is highly recommended for delivery of academic documents anywhere in the world. .

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