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TNTIRAN Mountaineering Team Ascent of Damavand Peak

TNTIRAN Mountaineering Team Ascent of Damavand Peak

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As previous years, the Iranian TNTIRAN mountaineering team successfully accomplished the ascent of 5671-meter Damavand peak, on August 8th, 2019.

The climb began on Thursday morning, August 8th, from the northeast front. TNTIRAN team reached Fereidon’s shelter at 4390 meters above sea level, at 14:30 pm.

At 18:30, all of the participants gathered for a brief ascending with the aim of preparation for this climb.

At 6:00 on Friday morning, August 9th, the group began the ascent from the shelter to the summit, crossing the slope in front of the shelter, at an approximate altitude of 4600 meters, the Pakub route just above the Yakhar valley.

It is worth mentioning that as lack of proper night-light or fog may result in inadequate visibility, such climb can be super hazardous. Falling into the valley might be one of its consequential effects.

Eventually at 10:30 the team victoriously conquers Damavand peak, but due to the overcrowded sulfur gas it was not possible to stay for more than half an hour; thus, immediately returned to the shelter.

Below are pictures of Damavand’s beautiful nature, taken by one of the team participants.