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General Manager Message

I believe an organization’s memories left in minds of a nation are consequence of popularity and durability of its services among the people of that community; in this regard, I am proud TNT Iran international Express Post Company is in a remarkable position among people, large organizations and corporations, government agencies, etc.
This position is not due to the type of services, but of the good reputation of both staff and directors of TNT Iran over half of a century of experience through the globally standard framework of customer-orientation. Due to the significant change in TNT Iran’s management nature, the organization is pleased that its reputation among compatriots is increasing day-by-day.
I would like to proudly announce that according to both changing the approach of management and taking into account up-to-dated technologies, besides adapting customers’ needs for the better welfare of them, TNT Iran has entered its new era of activities.
I am thankful to God for we have been able to best serve our countrymen under international postal criterions. Moreover, I would like to thank the post system of Islamic Republic of Iran for the constant support during all these years.Viva Iran!
Iraj Danesh